A little about me. 

Freelancing and integration to CMS's, is my thing

for a Full CV with my 25 years experience please Contact Me

  • React JS, React Native, Vue.js, Vue Native, Nuxt.js, Webflow, Webflow-ECommerce,
  • State managers - Redux, Vuex, AWS Appsync, React useContext
  • API - RESTfull API, JSON API, GraphQL, Node.js, Express. JS, Swagger spec
  • Docker
  • Integration - Headless CMS, StoryBlok, Contentful, Drupal CMS, Wordpress CMS, Webflow
  • UX/UI - Mobile, Responsive
  • AWS technologies - Appsync, Amplify, Lambda functions, SNS, RDS, GraphQL, Dynamo DB, No SQL, Mongo DB
  • CMS - JAMStack
  • Web Hosting - AWS, Webflow